2 ½ year old baby completely relieved from AIDS: America

In America 2 ½ year old baby affected by AIDS now completely relieved from the deadly disease. In the place of Mississippi in America, a new baby was born to the woman who was affected by AIDS in 2010. The new born baby was also affected by AIDS. After the deadly disease was diagnosed, baby was shifted to the Mississippi Medical University hospital.

2 year old baby relieved completely from AIDS: America

In the hospital baby was given good care by the doctors. She was given mixture of 3 medicines given for the cancer treatment. This medicine was injected into the baby after 30 hours of birth. The AIDS treatment was given to the baby and the AIDS viruses had been completely inactivated. This has been considered as the big achievement in the field of medicine.

As the doctor who treated the baby says, now no sign of AIDS viruses’ infection is shown in her. She is cured completely from the AIDS disease which is considered to be as more deadly to human life. The treatment given at the initial stages for the baby saved her life from misery. This is very big achievement in my career.

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