3 Heroins in “Pattaya Kilappum Pasanga”

“Pattaya Kilappum Pasanga” is title of the film directed by Aunpraj. Director Anupraj was an assistant director to Malaylam director Vinayan. In this film (Pattaya Kilappum Pasanga), Limu Shankar, Manav and Shamzir are playing male lead roles. Similarly, Kalpana, Riniraj and Kanagalatha are playing female lead roles in the film.

Shakin Abbas has scored music tracks while Rupesh Kumar produces the film. Rarish has done the cinematography.

Story of this film is all about three youngsters who doesn’t think of their own. They live a life from others’ advices and get trapped in a situation. Greedy they are and to earn big money, these youngsters lose all their own and borrowed money.

In a situation, they invest a huge sum or Rs. 1 crore in a resort business. This brings them huge loss in addition with big trouble to their lives. How are they coming out this disaster is the storyline of this film, “Pattaya Kilappum Pasanga”.

Kalpana, Riniraj, Kanakalatha

This is an upcoming comedy film and the shoot is in progress.

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