5 Steps to Motivate Yourself

Have you ever made a to-do list and then scrapped it completely? It may be a job, hobby, an errand or a household chore. But somehow you’re just not feeling motivated enough to do it. Wondering why? Read on.

The reason is quite simple. When you make your list of things to do, are you taking your feelings into account? We may think and plan with our brains. But we act from our heart. How we feel about a particular task or job is more important than the actual task or job itself.

5 Successful Steps to Motivate Yourself

5 Steps to Motivate Yourself

Moreover, research shows that suppressing your emotions makes you feel worse about your situation. So if you don’t enjoy a particular task, ensure that you make it as enjoyable and manageable as you can. That’s the most important part of staying motivated.

Start somewhere:

Facing writer’s block with that article or research paper? Write the first thing that comes to your mind. You need to write something on that document to edit it. Hate your weekly house-keeping routine? Begin with just clearing up the house. Look around. You might spot dusty furniture and cobwebs. Get rid of those. Feeling too lazy to exercise? Start with a 20-minute walk or cycle in the park.

The more you think about a task, the less you are likely to do it. So don’t sit and wait for motivation. Think less, act more. 

Make it enjoyable:

If you’re stuck with a particularly difficult topic to write about, listen to your favourite music as you work. It will help your brain to relax and function better. Is clearing up after dinner a bore? Switch on the TV to your favourite movie channel and continue working. Bored with singing practice? Motivate yourself by listening to some contemporary tracks. When you’re enjoying what you do, it’s much easier to stay at it.

Keep it manageable:

You cannot accomplish everything in one day. And if you have to, then you can’t be overwhelmed by your tasks. Break down your task into simpler, smaller tasks. Focus on them, one task at a time. Don’t waste your energy on worrying. This will keep you motivated to finish your task. Before you know it, you’ll be done!

Take breaks and treats:

After you complete a task, or the toughest part of it, take a break. Treat yourself to a cup of hot chocolate. When you get a pay check or contract, treat your partner to dinner. It’s sure to motivate you to do more. Imagine if you could enjoy treats so often!

Use positive pressure:

Are you struggling with those dance steps or song lyrics? Imagine that you’re going to have to perform at the next party or wedding you attend. This kind of positive pressure will motivate you to learn. Learning a native language? Speak to the natives assuming that they don’t speak your language.

Think about the praise and accolades you would earn by sticking to your plan.

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