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5 Tips on How to Look Good in Photos

How to look good in photos? Have you been wondering why you look so good in person – but your photos don’t quite capture that? It can be annoying when that dress or smile you received complements for looks so ordinary in your photograph.

You don’t need to be a model, celebrity or even photogenic to pose for the camera. With a few tips and tricks, you too can get clicked at flattering angles and poses. Here’s how you can look your best in person and in your photographs!

Posture: Stand straight and throw your shoulders back. Suck your stomach in. You will appear taller. And relax to show that you’re having a good time.

Don’t slouch. Drooping shoulders or a bulging tummy appear more prominent in photographs. Good posture makes you look more confident and graceful, making your photos more appealing.

How to Look Good in Photos?

How to Look Good in Photos?

Clothing: Choose clothes that fit you well. Loose and ill-fitting clothes will appear even larger in your photo. A well-fitted top or dress will flatter your figure.

Angle: Unless your photographer is a professional one, avoid direct head-on photos. Otherwise, your face could appear too wide, too large, pale or dark in the photo. Instead, tilt your face at a slight angle. Lift your chin slightly upwards or tilt it slightly downwards. Look at something just above your eye level. This will create the right effect of light and shadows on your face.

Smile: If your teeth are indeed pearly whites, go ahead and flash them for the camera. But if they aren’t, then you need to decide how much of your teeth you want to display. To play safe, open your mouth a little; curve your lower lip to lightly touch your upper teeth. This smile looks quite natural and would work for most photos.

Makeup: Wear a slightly darker shade of makeup than your usual shade. It will show up better in your photos. Also, make sure that your face isn’t oily before you get clicked. In case your face is oily, dab it gently with a tissue and then pose.

Take a while to know how to look good in photos. A few simple tips and tricks can make your photos stand out!

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