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6 Best Shows to Watch on Thanthi TV Live

Thanthi TV is a Tamil news satellite television channel.Viewers are really fond of some the best shows on thanthi tv .It’s a 24-hour news satellite channel based in Chennai, India. It is owned by Dina Thanthi. The best shows on thanthi tv are able to win the viewers’ heart’s content, though it’s mainly a news channel.

NDTV Hindu was launched on 16th May, 2009. It was owned by NDTV and The Hindu Group. After the Dina Thanthi group took over NDTV Hindu, the name was replaced with Thanthi TV. Initially it was a Chennai-specific channel. But it was rebranded and re-launched on 13th November, 2012 after the acquisition process was completed. Thereafter it is known as 24-hour Tamil news channel that serves and broadcasts to Tamil Nadu, India.

Thanthi TV broadcasts several shows online. One of the best shows on thanthi tv, there are some most watched shows. One of them is Kelvikenna Bathil. There are so many shows on political debate, entertainment programs and astrology shows on Thanthi TV. So let’s have a look on 6 best shows on thanthi tv.

Aayutha Ezhuthu

Aayutha Ezhuthu is one of the best shows on thanthi tv. It is a show of debate on current affairs. Rather to say Aayutha Ezhuthu is a show based on the analysis of social issues. The show will cover current and relevant topics that will be of interest to common public. Cauvery-issue was also one of the major topics of debate in the show . The host helps the debaters to express their saying through several questions.

Kelvikenna Bathil

As previously said it is one of the best shows on thanthi tv. The meaning of the show’s name is “what is the answer to the question”. The host of the show is Rangaraj Pandey. He interviews various leaders in Tamil Nadu, mainly political leaders. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi includes in the list of interviewed people.

Indaraya Raashi Palan

Indaraya Raashi Palan is a Tamil astrology show. You can ask questions about your zodiac signs and horoscopes. The astrologers of the show can even make your horoscope on this program. All you need to provide your birth date, time, year and place over phone to the host. Astrologer Sivalpuri Singaram helps you to understand the usage of powerful Indian astronomy. Even he prepares you for your future by using the great Indian astronomy. Infact it is one of the best shows on thanthi tv.

Inaiya Thalaimurai

Inaiya Thalaimurai is a special program based on interesting facts and Social Media Trends. The host sheds light on people’s increasing dependency on the internet.

Makkal Mandram

Makkal Mandram is one of the foremost and best shows on thanthi tv. It is an enthralling political debate show. The host asks the debaters to raise their voice for or against the specific topic. They broadcast different episodes on different topics.

Makkal Yaar Pakkam

Makkal Yaar Pakkam was an election analysis show. One of the best shows on thanthi tv. The channel conducted a detailed exit pole on the election day.

Although it’s basically a news channel, the channel serves some really interesting shows. Especially the interviews of political faces, scientists and so on. They broadcast some special shows on special events too.

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