7 Deadly Diseases Caused by Artificial Sweetners

Are you a regular user of artificial sweeteners?  If your answer is yes,than probably its time to reconsider your decision As per some recent reports, it is revealed that that there exist many critical diseases caused by artificial sweetners.

Now what exactly are  artificial sweeteners? They are nothing but an substitutes of sugar. They are considered to be of two types nutritive sweeteners and non-nutritive sweeteners. Generally, nutritive sweeteners add some amount of energy to the food item  whereas such properties are absent in non-nutritive sweeteners. The most common forms of artificial sweeteners that are available in the market are aspartame,saccharin,acesulfame-K etc. They are sold in the market under various brand names.

When, these artificial sweeteners are launched in the market, they were an instant hit. People liked the concept that they can  satisfy their sweet cravings without thinking about gaining weight. Witnessing the huge demand, various brands of such products were launched in the market.

But, of late it has been observed that using artificial sweetener extensively causes some serious ailments in our body. Lets dig deeper into the fact and see 7 deadly diseases caused by artificial sweetners

Weight gain

Gaining weight may not be a disease itself but it is the root cause of innumerable diseases. Initially it was assumed that since  artificial sweetners are devoid of calories they will not contribute to weight gain. People were under impression that they can consume as many sweets as they like without gaining weight. But they are wrong. As per reports, it has been observed that consuming artificial sweeteners increase our cravings for sweet. This ultimately results into gaining weight.


One of the most deadly diseases caused by artificial sweetners is cancer.These sweeteners contain aspartame. Consuming them regularly develops malignant type of brain cancer. Reports also suggests that if a pregnant women consumes this chemical during this phase, the new born may develop brain and spinal cord cancer

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases

Regular intake of artificial sweeteners are found to be one of the primary causes of many deadly diseases .The sweeteners containing aspartame causes nerve cells to get excited. Continuous exposure to such chemicals cause a condition called excitotoxicity. Under this condition, nerve cells become over excite. They swell up and finally die. This ultimately causes degenerative brain diseases like parkinson’s, alzheimer’s and many more. These are indeed very deadly diseases caused by artificial sweetners

Different Skin diseases caused by artificial sweetners

One of the most common type of artificial sweeteners is saccharin . They are basically sulfa based and its key ingredient is benzoic sulfimide. As per many health experts, benzoic sulfimide  causes various skin allergies and rashes in individuals

Nausea and Diarrhea


Many of us are unaware about being sulfa allergic. Without our knowledge, we tend to consume artificial sweetners containing sulfa based saccharin. Prologned exposure to this chemical are reported to cause health issues like nausea and diarrhea. They are indeed very serious diseases caused by artificial sweetners

Kidney and liver diseases caused by artificial sweetners

Acesulfame K is a common type of artificial sweetners. They are rich in methylene chloride. As per many health experts, prologned consumption of methylene chloride causes liver and kidney impairments.

Eyesight problems

Eyes are one of the most important organs of our body. Without proper eyesight, the world becomes dull for us. Some health experts opine prologned usage of methylene chloride can weaken our eyesight.Thus, it is advisable not to use the sweeteners which contain this chemical.


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