Advantages of Manual Transmission Gearbox Cars

People those who have got irritated by the manual transmission cars in the heavily packed traffic roads of India, they have now shifted to automatic transmission cars. However, when the car enthusiasts expressing their views, they say it is the manual gearbox cars are still the best.

Now the manual gearbox cars numbers are going down as automatic, semi-automatic, automated manual transmission type of cars are outnumbering recently. Still, there are good reasons why the manual gearbox cars are the best ever.

1. Good Mileage: Automatic cars weigh more and they do share the engine power for their hydraulic system. This leads to inefficiency of automatic cars to compete with the mileage capacity of manual transmission gearbox cars. On the other hand manual transmission cars are less in weight comparatively and no hydraulic system in these types of cars. The gear shifting takes place in the automatic transmission cars slowly whereas the gear shifting takes place quick and as needed in manual gearbox transmission cars. However, improved technologies have been imparted in the automatic transmission cars as well to equalize the mileage level with manual transmission cars. Still, there would be 1 or 2 kilometres of differences there in manual transmission cars ahead of automatic cars.

2. Better Price: Manual transmission cars’ price are low when compared to automatic cars. May be those who are affected and irritated by shifting between clutch and gear-shifts in the daily traffics of the city roads will go for automatic transmission cars. However, those who have equal necessity to drive in cities and highways or those who have the need for the drive only on the highways will prefer the manual transmission gearbox cars.

Positives of Manual Gearbox Cars

3. Driving Pleasure: The car enthusiasts will enjoy the real pleasure of driving only from manual transmission gearbox cars. According to the road condition and your mood condition, you can shift the gear and speed to enjoy the drive – which is the real pleasure for car enthusiasts. Though paddle shifters give this opportunity, the proper gear is chosen only by electronic unit you have no control over it. The benefit of choosing the gear of your choice can be find only from manual transmission cars.

4. Maintenance: The well-known technology based manual transmission cars consume less maintenance. Further this can be repaired at any given place. Most of the manual transmission cars will require minimum maintenance when compared to automatic transmission cars. Even if it requires maintenance, the spare parts, repairing time and labour charge etc. are less in manual transmission cars. The technology of automatic transmission cars are minute to understand. Also, oil leakage is widely known in the old model automatic transmission cars. Maintenance cost is also too high.

5. Safety: Braking can be done soon during emergencies by reducing the gear in manual transmission cars. By reducing the break and gear the car can be easily stopped. Especially, in the downward slopes, you can reduce the gear and can operate the car safely. Whereas, you can drive the automatic transmission cars only relying on the break.

6. Performance: Manual transmission gearbox cars can provide faster acceleration. Though the equal performance is given by the dual-clutch automatic gearbox cars, the price is too high for these cars. Even in this high-technology arena, car racers still prefer manual transmission gearbox cars, more. The reason is faster acceleration and high control in these cars.

7. Ignition Problems: At times if self-start is not functioning, automatic transmission cars can be started with a little push from behind. This is not possible with automatic transmission cars.

8. Cons of Manual Transmission Cars: New car learners will find it difficult to drive manual transmission cars. It might consume more time to streamline your driving skills on manual transmission. While driving on the upward slope, when you stop and restart to drive the car, there are chances for inexperienced drivers to let the car backward. Cars may roll back and create troublesome. Few may find it difficult in shifting to right gear while driving in the narrow bends of hills. Also, you may loose control while concentrating on gear shifts. Few may have trouble with legs due to manual transmission gearbox cars.

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