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AIADMK Ministers Roasting Actor Kamal Hasan: Will He Enter politics?

Kamal Hassan Vs. AIADMK

Kamal Hasan made a tweet about the corruption level of Tamilnadu. He stated that Tamilnadu is overtaking Bihar when it comes to corruption. AIADMK ministers made this an issue and started attacking Kamal Hasan with verbal abuse, by taking in his personal life.

The law minister of Tamilnadu, C.V. Shanmugham called Kamal Hasan a “ third rate actor”, who does anything for money. He also said that Kamal Hasan is unworthy to comment on Tamilnadu government or people of the state. “He is hosting a TV show called Bigg Boss just for the sake of money. The entire show is under his control. The contestants of the show have been making casteist remarks against the socially backwards people. I urge Kamal be booked under the Prevention of Atrocities Act” he said. Shanmugham didn’t stop it right there, he went even more personal and said Kamal Hasan is unfit to talk about women empowerment. “He lived with an actress for years without even marrying her and send packed her, against our culture.” said
the law minister.

Here Shanmugham mentioned about the live-in-relationship of actor Kamal Hasan with actress Gauthami for almost 13 long years. They got separated from each other last year, due to some personal issue.

News about Kamal Hasan in Politics

The information Minster of Tamilnadu, Kadambur Raju and S P Velumani, municipal administration minister also condemn the statement of Kamal Hasan and threatened him for legal actions and tax audits, if Kamal Hasan continues the same.

The relationship between the actor and AIADMK party had never been good, even during the ruling period of J.Jayalalita. Kamal Hasan in his recent tweet set the fire states that if he decides he will be the Cheif Minister.

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