Apple Income on Rise: Announced 15% Bonus to shareholders

apple company income increased

The first quarterly account budget is released by the popular cell phone and computer company apple. The profit of the company is decreased as it was not in the past 10 years but its income is gone up. The Income of the apple is 43.6 billion American dollars for 2013 from January to march, in quarterly assessment and its profit is 9.5 billion dollars, said the company chief executive Tim Kook.

Past year in the same period the income of the company is 39.2 billion dollars and profit is 11.6 billion dollars. Though the profit is went down as it was not in the past 10 years, by attaining the target 42.3 computed by the American share market Wall Street the shares of the apple company is raised to 5.5 percent. The apple announced to issue 15% bonus per share as the income rate is increased. According to it the shareholders will get 3 dollars bonus for one share.

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