Asus ZenWatch Launched – Specifications & Price in India

So many wearable, android smart watch phones are launched in the market. But nothing looks classy and compact like Asus Zenwatch. Existing watch phones (wear watches) are big in size than usual watches and also no phone watches in the market looks as posh as Asus Zenwatch.

Asus plans to release Zenwatch in the first quarter while Zenwatch’s first look event held in Delhi recently. Undoubtedly, Asus Zenwatch pulls all eyes to it and makes us to fall mad on phone watch of this one. Read on the first impression of Asus Zenwatch!

Asus ZenWatch Launched – Specifications & Price in India

Asus ZenWatch (Smart Watch) is designed and engineered so awesomely and it beats off all the existing watch phones in the market. While compared to Moto 360, Samsung gear watch and LG G-watch, Asus Zenwatch is ultra-thin, compact and fits actually as usual watch.

Asus ZenWatch Launched - Specifications & Price in India

Asus Zenwatch comes with neat leather strap which looks and grips in hand so well. Its available now in silver and brown straps. Design of Asus Zenwatch is made excellently and it suits for both formal and informal outfits.

Asus Zenwatch looks curved square with clear display and its size is 320×320 pixels (1.63-inch). Display is perfectly topped with Gorilla glass for extra protection, water resistant and acts as a scratch-free layer.

Asus Zenwatch is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor. Memory storage of Zenwatch is 4GB ROM and 512MB RAM. It loads on Android operation system (V 4.3). Asus Zenwatch face comes with analog type and it weights 75gms.

Asus Zenwatch – Price in India

In India, Asus Zenwatch comes with a affordable price tag of Rs. 16,371. Price of Zenwatch might go bit less when booked through best online deals.

Asus Zenwatch – Review

Memory storage and other Android featured apps are as same as in other watch phones (smart watches). But, heart rate monitor is not engineered in Asus Zenwatch whereas it has pulse tracker. On comparing with all other smart watches (phone watches) in the market, Asus Zenwatch takes a unique place because of its classy, compact and ultra-thin design. Also, price of Asus Zenwatch is quoted as ‘Premium specifications at affordable pricing’.

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