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Health Benefits of Eating Jaggery in Pregnancy

Do you know jaggery is a best super-food of women? Also, Jaggery is one of the must-have daily foods in a pregnancy diet! Jaggery is known as Vellam in Tamil and Gur in Hindi. It has wholesome of health benefits that can help women to stay healthy especially pregnant women.

Jaggery is totally a safe food to eat during pregnancy as it contains important nutrients such as iron, calcium, sodium, folates, potassium etc.  Replace all your sugar with jaggery as it has various goodness for health. Add little sweetness to your daily diet by eating and enjoy health benefits of jaggery during pregnancy!

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Health Benefits of Jaggery during Pregnancy

Purifies Blood: Eating jaggery in pregnancy helps to purify blood. It helps to ensure baby’s health as the baby gets purified blood. One more amazing goodness of eating jaggery in pregnancy, it helps to remove impurities from the breast milk.

Prevents Iron Deficiency: As jaggery is very rich in iron content, it boosts red blood cells and prevents risk of anaemia. It helps to get good immunity power which prevents other health problems and infections. Also, it stops hair fall problems in pregnancy.

No Joint Pain: Many nourishing nutrients present in jaggery helps to strengthen bones, joints. So, eating jaggery in pregnancy can reduce joint pains, joint stiffness as it is a major problem during pregnancy.

Reduces Water Retention: Essential minerals and high level of potassium present in jaggery helps to minimize water retention in the body. It helps to balance electrolytes and prevents swelling of legs. It also prevent the problem of less water in womb which can cause complicated problems during pregnancy.

Healthy Pregnancy: Folates is one of the essential nutrient required for baby’s growth during every stage. So, eating jaggery in pregnancy keeps baby active and healthy as it is rich in folate nutrient.

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Health Benefits of Eating Jaggery During Pregnancy

Regulates Blood Pressure: Controlling blood pressure during pregnancy is one of the major problem. As jaggery is low in sodium, it naturally helps to regulates blood pressure. Also, consuming jaggery in pregnancy also prevents the risk of heart problems and kidney stones.

Nourishes Skin: Antioxidants richly packed in jaggery helps to keep skin healthy. You can maintain beautiful skin during pregnancy and it also helps for baby’s skin tone.

Health Tip: During pregnancy period, you will drink fruit juices daily. Instead of sugar, add jaggery or palm jaggery to it and enjoy the amazing health benefits of jaggery in pregnancy!

Knowing the goodness of jaggery during pregnancy, most pregnant women would have added ‘jaggery’ in their shopping list! Stay healthy for happy pregnancy!

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