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Best Regional Language Film National Award for “Kuttram Kadidhal”

Best Regional Language Film National Award is announced for the film “Kuttram Kadidhal” in the 62nd National Awards. It has been produced by JSK Film Corporation and Chris pictures. JSK Film Corporation has got the second consecutive National award. Last year it had got the award for the film “Thanga Meengal”. Bramma G. had directed the film. This film has been praised in many international film festivals!

JSK Film Corporation is been giving films with good story base. It has made it as a practice hence it is coming up with good support from the audience. This practice has become its habit and it has got a unique place in the Indian film industry!

JSK Sathish Kumar’s JSK Film Corporation is trying to make the audience’s urge for good cinemas and acting as a platform to take the Tamil cinemas into international levels!

JSK Sathish Kumar’s says that I am proud of getting the 2nd consecutive National award. We started this corporation for enabling good films in getting the right reputation. The awards and other support from various sources motivate me to produce more and more good film!

The expectations for the film “Kutram Kadidhal” from the public is increasing due to the awards and praise from various sources. These expectations had made the film releasing arrangements and marketing arrangements easy. Work is on for the early release of the film.

Movie Kutram Kadidhal

Good thought, simplicity, smart trend and quality production are the four main pillars of JSK Film Corporation.

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