Best Yoga & Fitness Practices For Healthier Lifestyle

Yoga and HealthAmerican Medical Association has published an excellent book. In the book “Family Medical Guide” it is clearly mentioned that the healthiness of a person doesn’t measured by the physical fitness. An individual’s health is possible only through inclusive fitness of mental orders. To have a strong health one must make sure on these 5 important point:

1. Getting rid of smoking habits.
2. Light drinking
3. Regular exercise
4. Knowing the need and having moderate amount of food
5. Avoiding rapid weight gain

Yoga is an inevitable part of your health regimen for those who are looking for real health. To be healthy forever and to feel healthy from inward, remember and practice these following:

1. Exercise (to relax your muscles)
2. Breathing exercise
3. Meditation
4. Deep sleep of about 6 hours daily

All the above four points are taken care by Yoga if you practice and follow it properly. Even the modern science is now recommending Yoga for a healthier lifestyle.

What is Yoga?

Yamam, Niyamam, Aasanam, Pranayamam, Dhyaanam are all constitutes a perfect Yoga.

Yamam denotes your behaviour with others. It teaches the humbleness and kindness towards others.

Niyamam denotes having cleanliness, satisfaction and patience in your personal life. Niyamam should be practised for a peaceful life of an individual.

Aasanam denotes the moderate and highly-effective amount of physical exercise to your body.

Prayanamam denotes the breathing practice that connects your soul.

Dhyaanam denotes the practice of mind. Dhyaanam treats you to control the wavering mind towards your focus point.

First, bending your body through Aasana, controlling your thoughts through Pranayaamam and bringing yourself to your control through Dhyaanam is called Ashtaanga Yoga. This can be called as Hatha Yoga (Ha means Sun; Tha means Moon) or Pathanjali Yoga.

Better health, healthier lifestyle and a long-living life is assured if you do Yoga daily or in regular intervals. Make your schedule in such a way that it has time for your healthcare as well. If you haven’t tried any Yoga Aasana before and you feel that you are trying it out as a risk factor (like you are pregnant, under intensive treatment, etc.) then you must examine your health and take opinion from a physician or a Yoga practitioner before starting with Yoga practices. Avoiding such precautions may lead to opposite reactions on your body. One must understand that Yoga or Yoga therapies are not an alternative to Allopathy. This Yoga practice or Yoga therapies can be continued or performed along with your other medicines if you are already under medications.

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