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Bigg Boss: Why Oviya is Targeted Again & Again?

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Oviya has recently gained a huge fan support in Tamil entertainment industry after her entry in Bigg Boss. The actress made her debut in Tamil industry in the movie Kalavani. She acted in the role of a school girl from village with actor Vimal. But the fan following for her drastically increased only after her bigg boss entry, it’s just because she is shown straight forward and fun loving as well as glamorous. Though she gained the love of the viewers, the contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil shows a lot of hatred towards her. She is getting nominated for elimination, from the first week of the show.

Here raises the question, what could be the reason behind? Do the other contestants feel insecure about Oviya’s popularity outside the house? As described by Oviya about herself that, she has a unique opinion compared to the other people in Bigg Boss house. It is very important for the contestants of a reality show like Bigg boss, to entertain the viewers in there day to day activities and also while doing the tasks offered.

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Oviya definitely follows it and entertains the viewers in all possible ways and this made her to gain such a big fan following. Her looks and beauty created Oviya fever among Tamil youths. When the host of the show informed about the huge number of votes received to save Oviya, the other contestants couldn’t accept it and feels insecure about it.

Even if they nominate her every week, Oviya’s fans will definitely take her till final.

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