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Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad Firms Declare Leave on the Day of Kabali Release

Companies in Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad have declared holiday on July 22nd to watch Superstar Rajinikanth’s ‘Kabali‘ movie. Firms have decided to give leave to avoid attendance issues in the company. As it was well known that employees will bunk and go in mass to watch their favorite superstar’s new movie, firms have decided to give leave to avoid any irregularities.

Few examples below to point out. These are internal circulars to inform the employees about leave on “Kabali” release. Notices end with a note wishing their employees to watch “Kabali” movie. Few firms are offering their employees with free movie tickets to watch this film.

Here is another company that had declared holiday to watch Kabali.

Fyndus is another one in the list of companies those have declared holiday to watch Superstar Rajinikanth’s ‘Kabali’ movie.

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