Chinese president takes first selfie?

London, April 25 : Taking his “man of the people” image forward, a selfie of Chinese president Xi Jinping is doing the rounds on the internet and drawing crazy responses from his fans.

However, the picture doing the rounds does not actually appear to be a selfie in the true sense of the word as Xi Jinping did not possibly take the photo himself.

The photo was posted recently by Fadli Zon of the Great Indonesia Movement Party — it was one of a series with world leaders including Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and King Abdullah II of Jordan, all of whom were attending the Asian-African Summit in Jakarta, BBC reported.


In the picture, Fadli Zon is smiling, while Xi looks like he is in the frame more out of courtesy than a zest for a self-portrait. As the pic was initially posted on Fadli Zon’s own Twitter account, it seems pretty clear that it wasn’t technically a “selfie”.

But that little fact didn’t stop Chinese media from reporting on it — and Chinese internet users going gaga over it. Once the picture made its way onto weibo (a Twitter-like microblogging services popular in China), it was shared more than 30,000 times.

“Xi Dada, I love you!” one user wrote, using an affectionate term for the president.

“So handsome. Xi Dada has such a kind smile,” said another.

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