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DIG Roopa Submits Reports Supporting Sasikala’s Bribery Case at Karnataka Prison

AIADMK General Secretary and convict V.K.Sasikala was recently accused of bribing Karnataka Deputy General of prisons for special privileges. There are many rumors stating that Sasikala and her co-convicts – Elavarasi and V.K.Sudhakaran are being provided with privilege service at Karnataka jail and they have bribed the officials with Rs.2 crore for the special services. While this case had no evidence, Deputy Inspector of Prisons (DIG) Roopa Moudgil has submitted a report supporting the bribery.

In the report, she has mentioned, ”Sasikala has given Rs.1 Crore to Rao (DGP) and another Rs.1 crore was distributed among other police officials to provide her special privilege while she serves her 4-year conviction there. According to this agreement, she is served with the special menu every day cooked by special chefs”.

Sasikala’s bribery case

Roopa is not reachable to confirm this accusation while Mr.Rao denies this report and said, “I have served a memo to Roopa seeking explanation to prove her allegations. She has not submitted any report to me or against me to the government”. Rao also said that he has asked Roopa to meet him on Friday and hand over the ‘so-called’ reports.

She has also mentioned that this happens in the case of every prisoner and 18 of 25 prisoners will show a positive result in the drug test.

Still this case remains a rumor as there is no confirmed evidence available. Will Roopa prove her allegations? Or will she remain silent just like other officials?

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