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“I Don’t Mind Getting Arrested As It Will Once Again Prove the Justice System Here.” – Kamal Hasan

The famous actor Kamal Hasan who is starring at the recent show Big Boss met the press on 12th July 2017. There are many recent critics going on for the show and also on the Actor who is anchoring that show – Kamal Hasan. There was a big expectation among people for this show and many were curious as Kamal Hasan is also a part of this show. The promo started nearly 100 days ago and it built up the eagerness to make people sit in front of the TV. All this eagerness, curiosity and enthusiasm were gone when ‘he’ brought actors and actress who has free schedule.

This started creating critics instead of fans. There are ‘n’ numbers of troll pages in social media particularly for this show. People have started watching this program just to create trolls and memes. On the other hand, the main target was fixed at the anchoring star – Kamal Hasan. Some people have raised a complaint saying this show is spoiling ‘Tamil ‘culture as it screens the privacy of those people and Kamal Hasan is responsible for it. They have even mentioned that he has to be arrested for such behavior.

Whats going on in tamil big boss ?

When the reporters questioned him regarding the complaints, he replied, “This is not happening now. It is been 37 years I got all fame and still they are searching for some reason to get me arrested. Big boss is not the first program to be telecasted. It is been telecasted in other languages and is on air for more than 10 years. These are people who accept it as National culture and stand against saying our culture. If they want me arrested, I m ready to go in and it will once again prove our justice system”.

Kamal Haasan on Big Boss

Kamal Hasan says that he is being targeted by people for last 37 years and they are trying to use Big Boss as a reason and get him arrested. He also points that he knows and believes that ‘his’ justice system will save him from such invalid complaints.

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