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Eat these Foods to Boost Sperm Count Fast & Naturally in 7 Days!

Increase your sperm count & sperm production naturally by eating these foods. These high-protein foods help to boost male’s fertility excellently. Male sperm contains proteins. So, eating more natural protein-rich foods will raise sperm counts instantly. Here are some best protein rich foods to boost male fertility & sperm production. Eat these foods for a week to produce healthy sperms & to boost sperm count naturally.

7 Healthy High-Protein Foods to Increase Sperm Count in 7 Days

Before you try any other treatments or medications to boost sperm count, try this natural way.

# 1: Organic Brown Eggs

Eggs are rich in vitamin E and proteins. It helps to increase sperm counts faster. Eating eggs also improves quality of the sperms.

  • Eat two brown eggs daily for 7 days

# 2: Coconut Milk

Coconut milk contains more proteins. Drinking it daily will naturally boost proteins in the body. More proteins in the body will increase sperm counts easily. You can drink it instead of drinking regular cow’s milk, tea or coffee.

  • Drink a glass of pure & fresh coconut milk two times a day for one week

# 3: Nuts

Nuts such as almonds, cashews, walnuts contains rich source of proteins and minerals. So, eating handful of nuts everyday will naturally help for boosting sperm count.

  • Eat 5 almonds, 5 cashews & 5 walnuts everyday in morning and 5 in the evening in empty stomach.

# 4: Pomegranate

Pomegranate fruit is rich in anti-oxidants and many other nutrients. It is one of the best food to boost healthy sperm development & mobility.

  • Eat a cup of pomegranate daily for one week (Avoid drinking as juice or else drink without adding sugar )

# 5: Groundnuts

Groundnut or peanut is one of the healthiest nut growing in our country. It has many minerals, especially zinc. Eat this natural food to increase sperm counts faster in a week.

  • Eat a cup of boiled or raw groundnuts everyday for a week

# 6: Dried Fruits

Eating dry fruits increases sperm count excellently. It has more iron content in it. Eating it will help to boost blood circulation and fertility. It also good to increase sperm thickness and quality.

# 7: Sprouts

Pulses & dals are naturally rich in proteins. When making sprouts with dals, you will get 90% more proteins. So, eating protein rich sprouts are best to boost male fertility, sperm count and mobility.

  • Eat a small cup of sprouts everyday adding spices, vegetables (onions & tomato) & fruits (pomegranate)

Tip: While eating these protein rich foods, avoid eating more oily and spicy foods. Also avoid eating chicken.

Eat these healthy protein foods everyday. Eating this will boost sperm functions excellently. It helps to increase sperm count, production, mobility & quality. Eat these to boost your fertility & sperm count naturally faster!

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