End of iPhone 5C and Time for Apple iPhone 6C?

News in the market is that 2015 will be a farewell year for the colourful Apple iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5C which was introduced in the market in 2013 was very colourful in different variants. Apple iPhone 5C model attracted more youngsters that was structured in very attractive dimension.

This phone’s technical specification has a big list to boast including better user reviews in faster usage experience, excellent display, camera perfections and 4G facility, LDE etc. Particularly, it has touch ID fingerprint scanner which is the highlight, however, Apple pay feature was hidden from this phone.

Though iPhone 5C has the demand still in the market, this phone will not be available for purchase in the market from April 2015. So, what would be the next? Definitely it should be iPhone 6C! The expectations for the new handset from Apple has raised among iPhone enthusiasts now itself.

Apple iPhone 5C

The report says that 2015 will be the end of the road for Apple iPhone 5C. Its time to say “goodbye” to the colourful handset iPhone 5C. Let us wait for more news on iPhone 6C and its arrival updates!

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