GAIL Gas Pipeline Project: Meeting with Farmers Today

Gail project opposed by farmers, Farmers protest gail project

A Public hearing is hold today at Chennai, under the head of Tamil Nadu chief Secretary in relevant with gas pipeline project of GAIL India Ltd. The farmers from Coimbatore and Nammakkal district will take part in the meeting. Tamilnadu Chief Minister already affirmed that for setting gas pipes by GAIL India Ltd, farmer’s interest will be given priority and no steps will be taken against the interest of the farmer’s. She also informed that meeting will be conducted to know the farmers suggestion. In respect with that, today first meeting is conducted with the farmers of Coimbatore and Nammakkal.

From Cochin to Banglore, through Coimbatore, Tirupur, Erode, Nammakkal, Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri and Salem the pipe lines are set. The farmers opposing GAIL project of Central Government. They allegates, less compensation are given for them. More over legal amendment that, if the pipelines are damaged for the third time, then proprietor of the land will be given Death penalty is another reason for strong protest of the farmers.

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