Gambling complaint on Meiyappan will be interrogated by 3 member committee: Says Srinivasan

Gambling complaint on Meiyappan will be interrogated by 3 members committee: Says Srinivasan

3 members group will be set to investigate Gambling complaint against Gurunath Meiyappan said by BCCI Chairman Srinivasan. Regarding the case, Gurunath and Actor Vindu were investigated from face to face by the Mumbai Police. Srinivasan told the information to the reporters while he came to participate in the final day function of IPL at Kolkata. He also added that nobody can remove him from the Chairman post and no members of BCCI asked him to relieve the post. Many political parties and others are demanding the retirement of Srinivasan. But BCCI former Secretary Jayanth Le Le told that Srinivasan retirement is not necessary.

In the investigation by Mumbai Police Gurunath Meiyappen accepted that cricket gambling was introduced to him by actor Vindu and Vindu also accepted the Gambling done by him in the name of Meiyappan. The investigation group enquired the executives of Chennai Super Kings. The head of the group Ravi Shivani investigated about the part of Meiyappan in Chennai Super kings team. Meanwhile the former Chairman Shashank Manohar demanded that enquiry has to done with whole matches of IPL by CBI.

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