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Why Do They Give Expiry Date On Water Bottle?

Water from packed water bottles is believed to be the safest water to drink. Packed water bottles come with an expiry date and it raises a doubt in everyone’s mind that whether expiry date really exists for water?

Water does not have any expiry date when it is pure and kept away from sunlight and dust. Usually, when can see floating microbes in stagnant water, that is water from taps stored in containers after storing for a long time say after 10 days or so. The filtered and mineral water is supposed to be much safer and has much more shelf than normal water.

The food products, beverages etc. whatever is consumed should have an expiry date. This condition is applied all over the World for all the food products and as water is also a drink, the companies selling the bottled water should mention an expiry date. This is one of the reasons why bottled water has an expiry date.

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As the water is packed in plastic bottles and containers, the residue of green algae and fungus can be seen at the bottom of the bottles after a long shelf life of say 2 years. This is another reason why expiry date is mentioned on the bottles and usually, the expiry date is mentioned as 2 years.

Even though the packed water is safe to consume, some precautions such as storing the water in a cool and safe place away from dust and sunlight increase the shelf life of water. It is always safe to consume the water within 2 days after opening the seal of the bottle. The reason is that the water gets exposed to air after opening the seal and the water may taste a bit different if consumed after some days.

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It is always safe to consume water within the mentioned expiry date as the water is stored in plastic bottles and plastic has an expiry date. The taste and smell of the water can change with the influence of plastic. One more reason why water has to be consumed within the mentioned expiry date is that water is stagnant in the bottle and stagnant water and microbes can develop in stagnant water.

As everyone wishes to drink safe and clean water, why not consume the water within the mentioned expiry date instead of storing it and consuming after the expiry date?

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