Habits to Control Hairfall and Improve Hair Growth

Hair fall is one of the most common problems faced by many people irrespective of their age. Earlier hair falls and thinning of hair was a problem faced by aging people. But now with so many lifestyle changes, high pollution levels in the cities, increasing stress conditions, change in food habits has made hair fall a problem for a majority of the people.

There will be one question in everyone’s mind suffering from hair fall if there is any solution to stop hair fall and regain lost hair? Especially teenagers and youth suffer much as this leads to confidence issues.

Let us look at some of the habits through which hair fall can be controlled and which also improves the growth of the hair:

Bringing a change in lifestyle habits as sleeping very late in the night, if not able to avoid the habits as drinking and smoking it is better to keep them in control and keeping away from other hallucinatory things can bring a significant change in health and leads to the decrease of hair fall.

This may sound difficult to do but reducing the stress and keeping control over emotions as anger etc. can show a noticeable difference in the reduction of hair fall. Practicing yoga, meditation, playing your favorite sport, going for a walk, having a hobby can all reduce stress levels as well as improves your overall health.

Eating a proper diet and having it on time reduces several health problems including hair fall. There are many food products which can help in reducing the hair fall. Spinach which is rich in Vitamin A, carrots rich in vitamin A, eggs, dairy products, oats, nuts such as walnuts etc. help in a great deal to reduce the hair fall.

It is always better to avoid harsh chemicals on hair and scalp. Choosing a mild shampoo if possible a natural shampoo made from natural products and mild conditioners can reduce hair fall.

how to choose shampoo?

It is a trend to dye hair with different colors and changing the color regularly. While it sounds fun, it is not good for your hair. The harsh chemicals in hair colors can damage the hair and roots of the hair which lead to hair fall. So it is better to avoid dying the hair or some natural products such as henna etc. can be used to dye the hair. The combination of various products such as coffee decoction, tea decoction, beetroot juice, amla juice etc. along with henna can bring out many different hair colors which also help in improving the hair growth.

It is good to avoid hair dryers to dry the hair and if possible allow your hair to dry naturally.

Following some tips which can be made at home such as applying onion juice, coconut milk, egg mask made from egg white and olive oil, applying green tea etc. can increase the growth of the hair.

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