Hip Hop Tamizha Adhithya, Follows Vijay Antony and G V Prakash

Earlier, it was only directors or producers who have been turning into heroes. Nowadays the trend has changed. Music directors are stepping into acting. Following Vijay Antony and GV Prakash Kumar, Hip-Hop Tamizha is also stepping in as an actor. He is making his debut in the movie “Meesaya Murukku”, in which he cast the roles of actor, director, as well as music director. Doing three major roles in a movie at same time is not an easy task.

It is also said that he has introduced many new comers in his movie. Aathmika plays female lead role while Vivek and Vijayalakshmi are doing the role of father and mother of Adhi. YouTubers from channels like “Smile Settai” and “Madras central” are also have been included in this film. Overall it is expected to be a great entertainment package.

Images of Meesaya Murukku

Though it took a journey of more than 25 movies for Vijay Antony and G V Prakash Kumar to perform a hero role in a movie, Hip-Hop Tamizha reached the spot in just 10 movies. He got his fame through his private albums, which helped him to enter the cinema industry. Adhithya also released an album “Takkaru Takkaru” during Alanganallur Jallikattu protest through which he was able to conquer many hearts in the state.

The movie is to be released on 21st of July 2017. If the movie becomes a hit, Tamil cinema industry will keep adding up many new-comers for big screen entertainment.

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