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Home Remedies to Get Periods Before Date (Earlier or Prepone)

Planning for an occasion? Want to get periods before date? Most women’s concern over any special occasion might be this! Keep smiling! Here’s handful of home remedies to make periods come early in a safe and natural ways without using pills.

It is always dangerous to use tablets or other unnatural methods to alter menstrual cycle. But achieving it with home remedies in a natural way will not affect your menstrual cycle and you can get back to normal cycle the next time. Start periods early and stay cool during the occasion!

Home Remedies to Get Periods Before Date without Pills

Now all you need to do is start practicing these remedies before ten days. You will surely get desired result!
Firstly, we’ll see what to eat to get periods early. Trigger shot early period naturally through foods!

Foods to Eat to Induce Periods Earlier


Start your early morning with these energized flavored water. It will trigger periods before date naturally.

Turmeric Water – Add a pinch of turmeric in a glass of warm water and drink it in empty stomach
Ginger Water – Grate some ginger and add it in boiling water. Drink ginger water adding jaggery or honey.
Cumin Water – Soak cumin overnight in water, boil it and drink it the morning.


Eating fruits like pineapple, papaya and pomegranate can definitely help to get menses earlier. Start eating these fruits everyday in large quantities for atleast 10 days before. These nutrition power-packed fruits stimulate the estrogen hormones and induce early period.


Drinking special juices can also bring period forward naturally. Sip any of these below juices before every meal for 10 days. It will surely help you to get periods early.

Aloe Vera Juice
Sugarcane Juice
Grape juice

Vitamin C Rich Foods

Rich dose of vitamin C can induce menses early as it can increase estrogen levels in the body. Take more vitamin C foods to get period before naturally.


Mix jaggery with fruit juices and consume it. It gives goodness of iron to the body and help to get menses fast. Eating sesame balls also useful as it contains sesame seeds, jaggery which prepone periods fast.

Other Ways to Periods Before Date


You believe it or not, certain exercise poses can bring periods early! Especially, butterfly pose exercise is a very effective one and helped many to get menses earlier. Along with this pose, try other exercises which can induce periods before date. Daily 15 minutes of exercising will enough to achieve pre-poning period.


Having sexual intercourse is one of the best possible ways to have periods earlier. It helps to trigger hormones that induce periods early naturally.

Hot Water Pack

This home remedy is also a proved one to start menses before. Fill the bottle with hot water and place it on your abdomen for 10 -15 minutes and relax. Do it 2-3 times a day. Thus the heat released from the bottle will stimulate periods naturally.


Follow exercising along with these foods to get desired results.
Avoid drinks like coffee, tea, carbonated drinks, soda and fruits like banana.
Don’t follow it for every time, trying it once in a while is suggested.

Following these natural home remedies to get periods before date will also make your health perfect. It also helps in losing water and maintaining fit and healthy body. Now prepone your periods early and enjoy every occasion!

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