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Ambani’s Son Lost 108 Kgs of Weight Naturally!

India’s top billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s son had lost 108 Kgs of weight in 18 months successfully. Reliance Industries’ head and its CEO is Mukesh Ambani. His younger son Ananth Ambani has lost his weight of 108 kilos during the last 18-months’ time. Ananth Ambani’s this weight loss has brought everyone’s eyes on him.

To reach this level, he worked hard with determination and did that finally. Few changes in his daily schedule made this possible for him to lose weight with such a huge difference.

How Ambani’s Son Lost Weight?

Everyone asks this question, “how Ambani’s son had lost weight?”. He has lost 180 Kgs of weight without any modern health-shaping interventions like surgery or liposuction, etc. It is said that he did this all through natural methods and practices to lose weight.

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Anant Ambani did the following to make a transformation in his look by losing 108 kilos of weight in 18 months:

  • Ananth Ambani walked 21 kilo-meter distance on a daily basis.
  • Practised Yoga on a daily basis without fail.
  • Along with Yoga, he also added exercises in his regimen.
  • Consumed fat-less food as diet.
  • Made some alteration in his food intake.
  • Willpower and determination.

Once you practice these above all five steps, weight loss is very much possible. Along with these exercises and diet control, you must have the patience to wait until you get the result. Losing weight is not an overnight happening. Walking 21 kilometres daily must be boring for many but the willpower and determination made him to do what he did.

It is said that he had chronic asthma. The medications he took for the asthma had side effects and made him obese. However, Ananth Ambani wanted to get back to a slim-him and worked hard on his regimen. He wanted to make the transformation to happen before his 21st birthday and he made it successfully!

The steps taken to reduce the weight were all natural methods and there is no fear of any side-effects. Being a mother, Neeta Ambani is excited and happy to see his son, the way he is now after losing huge kilos of weight.

Whoever you are, the will and determination adds power to you to succeed in what you want to become.

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