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How Much Weight Can I Lose by Walking?

Are you worried about the lack of time to spend for your work outs and gym? And still you want to lose your extra weight? You can very well choose walking which is definitely a promising way of burning your extra calories. A little pre-planning and adjustments in your routine will fetch you an hour for walking. You need not necessarily spend an hour time at one stretch. You can distribute them over the day. The next question that will pop up in your mind will be, “How much weight do I lose by walking every day?”. Well it depends on how much you walk, the speed with which you walk and the way or path u choose to walk (Plain surface or tilted). It is noted that walking in inclined terrains certainly helps you to burn extra calories than when in a plain surface. If you are hitting your Treadmill you can choose to walk in an inclined position.

What is the Benefit of Walking?

Walking does help in burning calories but it doesn’t stop just that way. Walking in the right pace is a good Aerobics. This aerobics way helps to lose your extra pounds stored heavily in the lower part of your body. It helps the lungs to receive the required quantity of oxygen supply by pumping it hard during walking. It enhances the supply of blood to the heart by increasing the blood flow.

How Much Weight Can I Lose by Walking Daily?

How much weight can I lose by walking?

It increases the metabolic rate thus helping in the burning of your unwanted fats. Running creates too much stress in your knees. But the stress caused in your knee, ankles, hip and spine due to walking makes it stronger helping to overcome the common problems like Osteoporosis. It also keeps you away from most common problems like Diabetes, Cholesterol and cardiac diseases.

At What Speed Should I Walk to Lose Weight?

The person who weighs high burn more calories than the one with lesser weight. According to nature it takes more energy to move a heavier mass. So a heavy person will put on more effort to walk in the same pace as the other person with lesser weight. Say if a person who weighs 64 kg walking at a pace of 1.5kmph burns 220 calories by walking an hour, a person weighing 90 kg in the same pace for same duration will lose up to 314 calories. Every step you make counts to the burning of calories but the faster you walk the more calories you will burn. By walking 1hr daily at a speed of 1.5kmph will help you lose 1 kg, 1hr daily at a speed of 1.8kmph will help you lose 1.5kg and increasing your speed to 2.2kmph will help you lose up to 2.5kg per month. If you want to lose more weight burning lot more calories, then choose an inclined path or hilly terrain.

Dieting to Lose Weight Fast with Walking

A proper food diet along with regular walking will bring tremendous results. If you eat up a lot it will most likely compensate more than enough for what you burnt in your walking making it useless. So follow a healthy diet. Cut off aerated beverages and unhealthy snack. Add more veggies, fruits and protein to your diet. Drink plenty of water when you walk a lot. It will keep you hydrated since you will lose more fluid during walking.

How much weight can I lose by walking daily is not a question before starting it. Follow these simple steps and enjoy losing your weight.

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