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How to Apply Lipstick and Lip Gloss Perfectly

Lipstick and lip gloss when applied in the right way will make you look gorgeous and attractive. It is certainly time consuming and effort taking work but really worth giving a shot. You may have envied on girls who make it with ease. Well we can see the easy ways in which you can master over the art of applying lipstick and lip gloss. Let’s start from the lipstick. It starts right from choosing right color lipstick.

How to apply lipstick & lip gloss?

How to Apply Lipstick?

STEP 1: Choose the right shade:

If you go to a shop to choose a lipstick you will find them in great number of colors and great number of shades that will put you in confusion. Not all shades will suit all complexions. Make sure that you choose the color that suits you well for your lip complexion. When you are a starter it is favorable to go for mild shades to get a nude look. Once you get familiar with it and become an expert you can go to bolder and daring looks.

STEP 2: Choose the right texture:

If you think you are done with your selection after choosing the color well then you are wrong. With the color follows the texture of the lipstick which comes in three varieties namely satin, matte and gloss. You check and choose the one that will serve the occasion. A gloss alone will give you the shiny attractive look for casual occasions especially when you are new to all these lipstick things.

STEP 3: Choose a brand name:

You have to be specific when choosing a lipstick. Never compromise in the quality and don’t go for cheap unknown brands. It doesn’t mean you got to right away choose the international brands. You can choose a well known and famous local brand.

STEP 4: Step by step procedure to apply lipstick:

  • Moisturize your lip: Dry and damaged lips will make a terrible finish. So moisturize your lips first. Use a brush to remove the dead skin.
  • Lip liner: Choose a lip liner that is close to the shade you have chosen. Better to choose a color that is slightly darker than the lipstick shade. Draw the outline of your lips starting from one corner of your lower lips following the curvature. Repeat the same for the upper lips. Stick to the shape of your lips. This will give you a defined boundary for applying lipstick.
  • Lipstick: Now apply the lipstick with a lip brush.
  • Adjust: Now remove the excess lipstick with the help of a tissue. Make sure that you don’t get it on your teeth.


Lip gloss can be either used along with lipstick or alone. Let us see the ways to apply lip gloss.

  • Choose appropriate color gloss.
  • Moisturize the lip.
  • Apply the lip liner first and then use the gloss
  • Always apply in the center of the lips
  • Apply evenly
  • Apply Vaseline and lip balm first for better results and longer stay
  • If you are using it along with lipstick, apply the lipstick followed by lip gloss.


Liquid lip gloss: If you have liquid lip gloss, apply them with the use of applicator stick. Apply it softly in circular motions.

Roll on lip gloss: If you have roll on, roll it on your lips in circular motion starting from your lower lips and then to the upper lips. Rub the lips together to make it uniform.

Tube lip gloss: If it is a tube lip gloss, take few amounts on finger or lip brush and apply in circular motion.

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