How to Choose a Career After 12th Science ?

It is a crucial time for all the students who have just passed their 12th standard. Even before coming to the 12th standard the students go through a tough time as it is supposed to be a turning point in everyone’s life. The choice taken after 12tth molds them and helps them to choose a career they dream of!

Let us take a look at some of the courses that can be chosen after 12th science:

Engineering: Choosing a course in Engineering is the most safest option as there are many courses in engineering and the type of course can be chosen based on your interest. But choosing the type of course such as mechanical, electronics or aeronautical engineering etc. can be beneficial on a long run.

Medicine: Choosing a career in medicine is the best option if you are passionate about becoming a doctor. It is not the only MBBS but there are many courses such as BDS a degree in dental science, BAMS a degree in Ayurveda etc.

Pharmacy: Choosing a course of B. Pharmacy can be done if you are interested in doing some research in finding out the medicine for many solutions needed disease and health conditions.

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Agricultural degree: Choosing a course in agriculture would be great if you are interested in plants and nature. As horticulture is booming, you can get many opportunities through this degree.

Fashion Industry: A course in the fashion industry would be great if you are interested in designing clothes and creating some magic out of a plain piece of cloth. Yes, fashion industry is booming and it will not be difficult to make a place for yourself in the fashion industry.

Industrial courses: Doing dome industrial courses or diplomas would be good if you are really interested in a particular kind of work such as A/C repairing, manufacturing of A/Cs etc. If you are a kind of person who likes to have hands on experience then it is better to choose some diploma or vocational courses. There are many government institutions which provide these courses and a certificate from these institutions can get you lot of opportunities.

A degree in hotel management: Yes food and hotel industry is ever hot and so a degree in hotel management can take you a long way if you are interested in good and hotel industry.

Pursuing a degree in a subject: Choosing to do a bachelor’s degree in a subject you are interested in such as mathematics, physics, chemistry etc. us also a good option as the masters can be done after the bachelor’s degree. There are many teaching posts in various institutions and if teaching is your passion you can choose to specialize in your interested subject.

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