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How to gain the lost hair naturally?

Getting back the lost hair seems to be tough for many people and some people really worry about losing the hair that it adds to the hair loss. The hair loss occurs due to various reasons such as not taking proper diet, lack of sleep, stress, pollution etc.

Let us take a look at some of the tips to be followed to grow hair naturally:

  • Taking proper diet with proteins, fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates can improve the growth of hair. Proper diet is the basis for good health which includes the healthy hair.
  • Amla is a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants. Eating amla fresh or in dried form can help in growing the hair and stopping further hair loss. Application of amla in combination with coconut oil or amla juice can reduce hair fall and increase the growth of hair.
  • Massaging oil into the scalp reduces the hair loss and also helps in the growth of lost hair. Massaging oil improves the blood circulation and removing the toxins from the scalp which aids in the growth of the hair.

  • It is good to use herbal hair cleaners and conditioners in doer to reduce the hair fall. The harsh chemicals in the shampoos and conditioners can increase the hair fall an damage the hair if they are used over a long period of time.
  • Try using a comb with wide teeth to reduce the hair fall. It is even good to use a brush with soft tips as it improves the flow of blood and massages the scalp.
  • Using hair packs made from natural products such as henna, aloe vera, fenugreek leaves, amla etc. can improve the growth of hair and reduce the hair fall.
  • Reducing the stress levels by practicing meditation and relaxing exercises can help in improving the overall health and the growth of hair.

  • Taking proper precautions while going out such as covering the hair with a scarf can reduce the hair fall.
  • Exercising regularly increase the blood flow and the overall well being which includes the growth of the hair.
  • Consuming nuts, flaxseeds etc. which are good in omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants are really good for the growth of hair.
  • Being happy and having a positive attitude can improve the overall health and the growth of hair as well as with decreases stress levels the loss of hair can and the growth of hair can also be controlled.

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