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How to Look Young While You Get Old?

First and foremost age should never be considered as a barrier or obstruction to have fun or to try something whether it is a new adventure or a new trip! It is proved scientifically that if one thinks themselves as old there are greater chances of imposing restrictions on themselves. So the first mantra to look young is to feel young, it all starts with the thinking.

The key to looking is to maintain a healthy diet such as including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and avoiding the junk food. ‘What we eat is what we are’, so when you get to a certain age it is better to avoid drinking, smoking etc. Healthy living is always good and when you reach a certain age, it really pays off.

Exercising every day even if it is walking a mile, cycling, simple yoga exercises really help to look young. Along with maintaining the body, exercise also helps to relieve stress which also plays an important role in looking young.

Drinking lots of water also help in looking young. Water helps in digestion and hydrating the body. this applies to everyone and especially after crossing a certain age it is always better to take lots of water.

When it comes to choosing soaps and other cosmetic products it is always good to choose mild soaps and shampoos. Applying moisturizers regularly helps in looking young even if you have crossed 60s. Applying light makeup and doing some changes if you are a woman can make you look younger. Like choosing brown eyeliner instead of black, applying nude or lightly shaded lipstick makes you look younger.

It is a fact that teeth show the real age. So it is important to maintain the teeth and keep them shining. This can be done by visiting the dentist regularly or choosing the over the counter toothpaste for making the teeth whiter and shiner.

Another important thing is to dress in a manner which makes you look elegant. Choosing the right kind of clothing makes a big impact on how you look. If you have crossed 60 or so, it is always good to choose bright and vibrant colors as they make you look and feel younger.

Getting a good sleep helps you to stay fresh and make you look younger. Getting a hobby as painting, learning music or anything which makes you happy always makes you look younger. Spending quality time with friends and loved ones always make you look younger.

The other things as having a good massage regularly, maintaining the hair reduce your age drastically. Having a good haircut or changing the hairstyle regularly refreshes you and makes you look younger. But when choosing the hairstyle, the shape of the face has to be kept in mind. For instance, choosing layered hairstyle if the shape of the face is round, having bangs in the front if the face is longer really makes you look younger if you are a woman.
A positive attitude and smile on your face make you always look younger.

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