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I am Not Afraid but Reluctant to Come to Politics – Rajinikanth.

It is Rajinikanth’s style to create sensations through any political-oriented speech in his audio launches. Linga audio launch is not an exception. However, because of Rajini’s speech in Linga’s audio launch, it seems their fans have been hugely disappointed.

Rajinikanth spoke that he is not afraid to step into politics, but is reluctant. This caused disappointment among his fans.

Linga is directed by the ace director K.S.Ravikumar starring Rajinikanth, Anushka and Sonakshi Sinha in the lead roles. The audio release function of this film was held in Chennai. During the audio release, Rajinikanth addressed in his speech saying, “I am not afraid to come to politics, but I’m hesitant to step in. Whatsoever, I will do good to the people”, said Rajinikanth.

What is his fans’ reaction to his stand about political entry?

Whenever Rajinikanth speaks about his thought on appearing into politics, instead of joy, his fans are bit afraid as he is saying the same content for about 15 years now.

Sonakshi Anushka Rajinikanth

Earlier when politician Moopanar split out from Congress and started TMC (Tamil Manila Congress) and joined hands with DMK, Rajinikanth spoke in favour of TMC. He said, if people bring Jayalalithaa into power, even God cannot save Tamil nadu. This speech had created huge sensation among the public and gave a huge impact in the election result as well.

Later he had issues with his film “Baba” that was produced and acted by him. On this issue, he had to fight with PMK and inclined towards BJP for support. In turn, Rajinikanth asked his supporters to vote for “lotus”. This didn’t work much and had not created any impact in that election.

Thereafter, during Loksabha elections, Modi visited Rajini at his residence in Chennai. Said that it was a visit on personal relations and we are family friends.

Further, during the shooting of “Lingaa”, it was said that Amit Shah spoke to Rajini over phone. In addition, it is said that Ediyurappa and Eshwarappa met Rajini in person. The sensation was still on.

It was expected that after the “Lingaa” film, Rajini will announce his political entry. Even the Tamil Nadu’s state secretary (BJP) “Tamizhisai” said that it would be nice if Rajinikanth comes to politics (BJP).

Following this, when former Chief Minister, J.Jayalalithaa returned from jail on bail, Rajinikanth expressed his wishes and support through his statement. This made BJP’s cadres in tension.

In reaction to this incident, Amit Shah didn’t speak anything about Rajini during his Chennai visit. Also, “Thamizhisai” said that BJP is not depending on Rajinikanth.

Behind, another news was roaming around that Rajinikanth’s statement wishing Jayajalalithaa was for the safer release of his film “Lingaa” without any trouble, whatsoever.

Reluctant – Rajinikanth being good in maintaining relationship among all the political parties, when he expressed his reluctance to come into politics disappointed his supporters and lead to further confusion.

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