“I don’t possess that capacity” says Madhavan

Irudhichuttru” star Madhavan while speaking to the reporters in Coimbatore, said about actors coming into politics. Madhavan said that actors coming to politics is their personal choice. There is nothing wrong about it. Whoever wants to do good to the people and the society can serve from politics.

As far as I’m concerned, I don’t think I possess such quality, said actor Madhavan. After a big gap of almost 3 years, Madhavan has recently acted in a film “Irudhichuttru” (The last round). The role of Madhavan in this film is a boxing trainer.

Boxing star Rithika Singh has done the female lead role in this film. “Irudhichuttru” is releasing soon in this month. He has changed his usual look for this movie. It’s expected that he will deliver a whole new different personality in this film.

Irudhichutru Madhavan Stills

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