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Importance of Yoga for Pregnant Women

Health is Wealth! You cannot buy health through materials or money. Men and women have worked a lot during earlier days involving physical activities. Also, earlier days, most of our work were involved along with nature. Now the lifestyle has changed for every one of us.

As we grow richer the problems too grow along with us. We don’t even find time to have proper food. We have machine to wash clothes, we have machines to grind, all our vehicles restrict us to walk even a little distance. We don’t find enough time to earn money. How do we get time to look after our other needs? This way, as we had come far from the nature, the ailments we get are punishments of nature.

The philosophy of our body is “Use it or lose it”. Due to the present lifestyle, the flexibility of our body has gone. Joints have tightened. The fast food culture has occupied us completely.

Yoga has become a necessary practice to get rid of the stress and anxiety that most of us are undergoing, knowingly or unknowingly to cope-up with the present day faster lifestyle. Yoga not only satisfied a persons personal need but also it is very important from a social perspective.

Why do Women Need to do Yoga During Pregnancy Period?

There could be no other time in her life to feel so happy as she feels in her motherhood. Pregnancy is the first step towards motherhood. A healthy pregnancy must have a normal, healthy and natural delivery. It should also be an easy delivery.

Earlier days, pregnancy and delivery was not a big task due the lifestyle they have followed which involved proper physical involvement. In addition, there were no mental stress that we experience today. Today, due to the facilities available at home and loneliness, the mental stress has become an inevitable factor – knowingly or unknowingly.

Yoga for Normal Delivery

During pregnancy, a woman should keep her emotions and mood happier and strong enough. This will only lead to healthy growth of the baby growing in the womb. This is the fact found from scientific truths through researches and by modern-day doctors found from their experience. Further, a pregnant woman’s body should be loose and flexible along with the strength to face any negative situations and challenges. With these qualities, a cooperation with their doctors will ease their pregnancy term.

The growing baby in the womb not only receives food but also oxygen from the mother. If you practice “Pranayama”, both the mother and baby will receive abundant oxygen. So, the pregnant mother should be fresh and active throughout the day. This will keep the baby and the daily growth of the baby’s organs and parts of the body healthy.

The moment a woman gets pregnant, she is bundled with lot of doubts and fears. Yoga can help you to come out of all these doubts and fears. Yoga will definitely lead to a happy, satisfied delivery by keeping your inner and outer circumstances calm, brisk with excellent health conditions.

For a healthy pregnancy term and a healthy motherhood, to have a normal and easy delivery, healthy condition after delivery, for a better growth of the baby inside the womb and outside after delivery Yoga is the best tool. All these qualities constitute the importance of Yoga during pregnancy.

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