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Do this to Lose Belly Fat Fast After Delivery

Losing weight after pregnancy seems to be a challenging task. Especially, every women struggle to reduce belly fat after delivery. All women who crosses this pregnancy phase have this problem. How are you going to lose your big belly? Don’t worry! All you need to do is, follow this natural & simple way to lose tummy after pregnancy.

Burn Belly Fat Easily Post Pregnancy

#1: Drink Herbal Tea

Drinking herbal tea everyday is very good for your mind & body health. It helps to keep you relaxed, stress-free & also fit. You can drink any herbal tea’s like lemon tea, ginger tea, jeera tea, mint tea, tulsi tea green tea etc. It helps to clean fats & wastes from body especially in belly area. So, drink any herbal tea daily morning or evening in empty stomach.

#2: Stretch Out – Pose

Do some easy stretching exercises everyday just for 10 minutes. It helps to activate body metabolism and help in losing weight. Try this pose and hold on for 30 seconds. Repeat it 10 times everyday. Doing this pose makes you active, energetic and fit.

#3: Lift your Tummy – Pose

This tummy lift pose helps to activate your body core. Doing this pose helps in tightening belly & also strengthens pelvic area. Lie on a mat and try this pose. Hold on for 10 – 15 seconds & slowly relax. Do it for 10 times daily. It helps to lose belly fat naturally.

#4: Side Stretch – Pose

During pregnancy, more fats get stored in the sides of stomach (waistline). This side stretch pose helps to burn those fats effectively. Stretch on sides and touch your leg. Slowly relax and do it on the other side. Do it for 10 times daily. It will burn all the fats stored on the sides.

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#5: Front Bend – Pose

Lift both your legs to 45 degree and hold on for 20 seconds. While doing this pose, your stomach vibrates. It helps to burn belly fats easily. Do it for 7-8 times daily.

You can do these belly exercises while breastfeeding also. Reduce belly after delivery through yoga poses said above. It effectively works out to get flat tummy. Stay fit & fabulous!

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