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How To Maintain Your Skin During Pregnancy?

To become a mother is one of the best feelings that a woman experiences in her lifetime. But the journey of nine moths of pregnancy is not an easy one. A women has to undergo various hormonal changes in the body. This changes may affect the skin. Thus it becomes necessary to take care of the skin during pregnancy.

Undoubtedly, the feeling of becoming pregnant is special. So every aspect of this journey needs to be special. Starting from diet to the clothes every habit of a woman demands special care during this phase. Thus, in case of skin also, special care must be taken.

In this article we will discuss some simple tips to maintain the skin during pregnancy

Drink Enough Water

Drinking adequate amount of water is one of the prerequisite for maintaining the skin during pregnancy. It helps to flush out the toxins from the body and aids for a better blood circulation. This is in turn results into a glowing skin.

Maintain a healthy diet

Healthy diet is the part and parcel to have a healthy pregnancy. Not only good diet promotes healthy growth of the baby but also gives a glow to the skin of the “to be mother”. During pregnancy it is essential to include lots of fresh fruits and green vegetables in the diet. It helps to keep the skin hydrated and removes toxins from the body. Health experts also suggests to avoid alcohol, excess sugar and salt during this phrase to maintain the skin during pregnancy.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

To have a glowing skin during pregnancy, maintain a healthy lifestyle is of utmost importance. A pregnant woman must have good amount of rest apart from having a good diet. Stress should be avoided during this phase. A relaxed and cheerful mind boosts the health of a mom to be which induces a glow in her skin. Meditation and simple yoga are also advisable during this phase to maintain a healthy mind and body.

Cleaning toning and moisturizing

A pregnant women must cleanse her face at least twice a day followed by toner and a good moisturizer. Skin experts suggest that this simple three step sin care regime if practiced everyday in the morning and before going to bed, will yield great result. This is simple yet effective way to take care of skin during pregnancy.

Use of sunscreen lotion

While stepping out, a pregnant women must never forget to apply a good sunscreen lotion. The product must be so chosen that it protects the skin from all harsh effects of the sun.It will help in maintaining even skin tone during this phase and stops occurrence of any rashes due to direct exposure to sun.

Choosing the right make up products

During pregnancy we are well aware  that our body undergoes various hormonal changes. This may also affect our skin type. Thus, during pregnancy, one must only use the products that will compliment the skin type. It is always advisable not to use excess make up as it may have adverse effect on the skin. Also, during this phase, one must always emphasis on the quality of the product to be used. Apart from this, before retiring to bed, it is necessary to clear the makeup properly and moisturize the skin.


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