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Cleanse your Kidney with Watermelon Seeds

Normally, every one of us buys watermelon during summer. But nowadays it is easily available even in winter season too. Once we eat watermelons normally we used to throw away the seeds. But how many of us know it has amazing health benefits? Yes, watermelon seeds help to naturally cleanse our kidney and help to ease the digestion.

Watermelon seeds contain fiber and treats well for jaundice, inflammations, intestinal parasites etc. It contains a high amount of citrulline and has anti-oxidant agents. It helps to keep the blood vessels free from blockages and treat atherosclerosis, blood pressure etc.

How to Cleanse Kidney Using Watermelon?

Studies have proven that watermelon seeds help to break and dilute the kidney stones. All you have to do is:

Take a cup of watermelon seeds and grind it to a coarse powder in a mixer. Store this ground watermelon seeds in an air tight container. Whenever required take one teaspoon of ground watermelon seeds and boil it in the water for ten minutes. Strain and drink the water daily. Repeat this for the second day also.

But do not drink this on the third day. Repeat the same process for one month.

Kidney Treatment with Watermelon Seeds

Note: you can drink continuously only for two days. Stop drinking on the third day.

This helps to cleanse your kidney as well as removes if there is any kidney stone.

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