Mozilla to Launch Firefox OS Phones

Mozilla, the makers of the popular Firefox Internet browser now come out with a idea of introducing Firefox Operating System in Mobile Phones. The new smart phone with Firefox operating system is getting ready for release on July after the backing of about 13 wireless service providers around the world. As per now, the smart phones are in the hands of Apple and Google. The Firefox OS is based on open web standards. Mozilla says, that this software is capable of operating on devices which is much lower in hardware requirements.

Firefox OS

Another advantage in this Operating System is the third party developers are free to sell this mobile applications since the Firefox OS is web based and open source. Google and Apple are building their operating system from a proprietary technology. But unlike these two, Mozilla is using standard HTML for this Operating System.

Facebook famously stopped using HTML5 to develop its iPhone app last year, with chief executive Mark Zuckerberg saying the technology couldn’t deliver acceptable quality and calling a decision to use HTML5 for its app one of Facebook’s “biggest mistakes.”

Mozilla is planning to showcase some of its hardware devices based on that software at the Mobile World Congress, taking place in Barcelona this week. South Korea’s LG , China’s ZTE and Huawei are some of the brands that signed for making devices based on Firefox Operating System.

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