No One Was Paid for Any Evidence: Callum Macrae

Callum Macrae, who made a Documentary video of War Crimes in Srilanka stated a detailed report on the Documentry Video. He said, none of the people from Srilanka help them in taking the videos and no money has been given to anyone regarding this issue.


He said, no concoction is involved in the videos released by Channel 4. The war Crimes adopted by Srilanka Government are true. The truth behind the video is the reason for why the views of all the countries around the world are now on Srilanka.

A newspaper in Srilanka named “Divaina” stated that the people involved in helping Channel 4 to make the Documentary “No Fire Zone” will be arrested citing the Defense Ministry of Srilanka. Regarding this Mr.Callum Macrae said, no one from Srilanka supported them. He also said disappearance of people who raise voice against Government and suppressing journalist who tries to bring out the Human Rights Violation usually occur in the country. But frightening the people over there in spite of the strong evidence released against them is totally unfair.

He pointed out, when the first film came out, there were angry denials from the Government, Srilanka’s former president, Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga said “Continued deniel of proven factd and abuse of our honest critics will not resolve the problem for anyone”.

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