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Home Remedies to Cure PCOS in 14 Days

Though many women are having the problem of PCOS, they are just ignoring it until the problem becomes serious especially after marriage when planning for a child. Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is one of the dangerous female health issue of this generation as it affects the fertility. PCOS is a condition in which sex hormones are imbalance. As the name says, poly (many) cysts (small water bags) are formed in the ovaries which stops the menstrual cycle. Not all women who have irregular periods are having PCOS but it is must diagnose it if you the symptom of irregular periods. First let’s us look into the major causes of PCOS problem.

Major Causes for PCOS

Every women who attains puberty must know what causes PCOS as it is a serious problem for them. Though the exact cause for PCOS is unknown, doctors say if a mother or sister have PCOS, then the girl might get it. It is said that genetics might be cause for PCOS and it is mainly caused of hormonal imbalance.

Symptoms of PCOS

How you identify that you are affected by PCOS or not? Start knowing these symptoms first. Early diagnosis of PCOS can help to cure it faster. If you experience many of the below said symptoms in the initial stage, then follow powerful home remedies to cure PCOS. It helps excellently for PCOS problem cure in just 14 days. If the symptoms are severe, then consult a gynecologist immediately.

·     Severe pain in pelvic areas and abdomen

·     Decrease in breast size

·     Severe hair loss or hair thinning

·     Stress, depression and mood swings

·     Excessive hair growth on face, chest, stomach, thumbs or toes

·     Change in voice tone (aggressive or deeper tone)

·     Not able to conceive

·     Irregular periods and excessive menstrual bleeding during delayed cycle

·     Weight gain

·     Acne

Powerful Home Remedies to Cure PCOS in 2 Weeks

Home Remedies to Cure PCOS Indian Ayurvedic

These are extremely useful home remedies to cure PCOS in 14 days. Follow all these home remedies one after the other as said in it for 14 days. It will help to cure PCOS faster. If the problem still persists, visit a gynecologist.

1.  Fenugreek and Fennel Seeds

Both fenugreek and fennel seeds are fully loaded numerous medical properties to cure many health problems. Taking fenugreek and fennel seeds for PCOS problem helps to complete cure. Phytoestrogens rich in fennel seeds reduce formation of cysts in the ovaries. Fenugreek seeds helps for hormonal imbalance.


Take 2 spoons of fennel and fenugreek seeds and soak it in a glass of water for overnight. Add one more glass of water in the morning and boil well for 5 minutes. Drink the warm water during morning in the empty stomach. Follow it for 14 days to cure PCOS problem.

2.  Aloe Vera

Consumption of aloe is the great natural medicine to cure PCOD problem. It is very useful to kill those cysts in the ovaries and prevents it from further formation. Also, it promotes regular periods and cures ovarian hormonal imbalance.


Cut the aloe and extract the pure gel. Wash it for 7-8 times and cut them into pieces. Store in a refrigerator. After drinking the fenugreek fennel water in the morning, eat 2-3 of aloe gel. Aloe tastes very bitter to eat, instead put 2 pieces in the mouth and drink water (just like swallowing tablets)

3.  Fish Oil Capsules

Omega-3 fatty acids rich in fish oil helps to reduce sex hormones imbalance and cure PCOS problem naturally.


Take one or two fish oil capsules in your diet everyday for 2 weeks after food.

4.  Triphala Churna

Triphala churanam is one of the herbal cure for PCOS problem. You can get it from any herbal or siddha medical stores. It contains three natural main ingredients which are extremely powerful to get rid of the cysts in the ovaries. It is also an excellent detox to flush toxic wastes from the body.


Take 1 or 2 triphala tablets at night after having dinner.

 Follow these four powerful natural treatments for PCOS cure and get relieve from it faster!

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