Puthiya Thalaimurai Whatsapp Number

Puthiya Thalaimurai television, Tamil Nadu’s top news channel is bringing out various dimension in news presentation style. Now, Puthiya Thalaimurai TV has started to publicise its “Whatsapp Number” to be public for voting purposes and feedbacks.

Watch Puthiya Thalaimurai Live

“Nerpada Pesu” is a debate program being telecast at 9.00 PM for an hour and re-telecast at 11:30 PM for one hour.

To bring in more participation of the public, Puthiyathalaimurai has let a number to have viewers on Whatsapp. You can send your opinions and polls for the questions asked daily on the day’s particular topic. “Puthiya Thalaimurai Whatsapp Number is 9003075000

Another Whatsapp number to send your views for the “Makkal Medai” program is: 9003074000

How to add Puthiya Thalaimurai Whatsapp No. in your account?

Just like any other number, just add this above number into your contact list. Open up your Whatsapp application and look for this number/name that you have saved. Send a message to add you in their group.

You can use this number to send your opinions and register your poll on the daily question asked. The question that will be asked is for the program “Nerpada Pesu”, which is a talk show.

For a healthy discussion and genuine participation of the visitors with this news channel, the Whatsapp number is given. Viewers can make use of this opportunity to express their views to the channel and to the public. Watch the Puthiya Thalaimurai TV live streaming here and write your feedback to the channel through Puthiya Thalaimurai Whatsapp No. given above.

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  1. Sir/Mam,

    I have saved your whatsApp number +919003075000 in my moblie but, your contact is not shown in my mobile Whatsapp.

    Kindly advice.


  2. Hi,
    I am Deva from Chennai, I am doing CG and VFX in own business.
    I like to save and service to people as a Indian.
    I am the member of All India Human Rights Association.
    Please tell me there is any chance to become a service member of Puthiya Thalaimurai.

    • Dear all,
      After our channel attack(puthiya thalaimurai) i am not seen any body from BJP or hindu thuva in puthuputhu arthangal programme, why ?, they are not intrested, they dont have guts, pls call all them to participate,
      Thanks and regards
      K.Umar farook

    • Hi Devraj,
      Need your help in Chennai flood solution let me know if you are available. Also I would like to be a member of All India Human Rights Commission searched in online no information about it please help me to become a member. I tried goggling few years ago.

    • Hi Devraj,
      I need your help in Chennai flood solution let me know if you are available. Also I would like to be a member of All India Human Rights Commission searched in online no information. I tried goggling few years ago, please help me.

  3. I added your Nerpadapesu no in my contacts list and I send my view about today nerpapesu topic. But it shown that last seen on 29 of may. I was confused!

  4. Vanakkam, nerpada pesu debate programme is very nice,my small request is,next time if u conduct nerpada pesu debate on rajiv death case or hanging innocent Tamils please conduct with best speaker Seeman,kalyanasundaram,
    Deelipan,,,,”please don’t conduct with useless peoples”

  5. Akila: enathu Abdul kalam thanthain sagapthagal vaaralatril pathiga pattu avaran puzhgal ulagam engum pondrattum…”kanavu kanugal” intha mozhyai avarin “2020 India vallarasu aagum endra kanavai niraivetruvom….thanthain aadma santhy aadaiya eraivanai vendukiran.

  6. Dear sir
    Try to avoid politicians in program like Dreams of Kalam .Lawyer Mr Radhakrishnan diverting others too from core topic. We are looking at valuable inputs to implement in individuals life as well as public life. But everyone try to prove their intelligence.. Sorry.. Programme didn’t meet desired purpose..

  7. Update your current using WhatsApp number…. you uploaded(currently) not using number. Don’t waste our time….

  8. hello sir my number 9790259078 . my friend struggling from one fraud team . they cheated him as good people . now he is not able to inform to police also. plz help him.

  9. I watching for regular in news funny videos v good Wil information and support press by people’s largest news helped your own puthiya thalaimurai thank you this my No-9976337805 I want one request your whatsapp I joint this no pls more information I watch whatsapp thank u..


  11. Please add my number in u r group ..
    I have saved Puthiya thaimurai what’s app number.
    Add me in u r number is 9940324606

  12. Sir/Mam,

    I have saved your whatsApp number +919003075000 in my moblie but, your contact is not shown in my mobile Whatsapp.

    Kindly advice.


  13. I have saved your whatsApp number +919003075000 in my moblie but, your contact is not shown in my mobile Whatsapp. Help me to resolve this

  14. Hi,
    I would like to contribute myself in some social activities do let me know if you require any help. Also would like to share a solution for recent Chennai flood.

  15. I’m having one issue with tamil workers in Malaysia treating like saves and they are beaten till death. This is my number I’ll send you the number and I have their address..! My no 9035301264 I’ll frwd the same to you in wts app no

  16. PMRF (Rs. 5000/family in Flood affected area) for Chennai, the Application distributed by giving bunch of Forms to some persons and asked them to distribute and collect the filled forms. Many families are not aware about this as no public announcement made. When i approached VAO office they shown the pasted notice telling “No Forms will be accepted”. As Many families unaware and yet to apply, kindly take up this matter. Location Anand Nagar, Thoraipakkam

  17. Hellloooo? friendssss….?

    Jisss ladki?? ko mujhse ?chat? krna ho msg? me whatsapp pe ?+919714617643

    Aur jissko ????????bhi ldkiyo?? k ?whatsapp? number chahiye wo bhi ?msg kr skte hai ?+919714617643


  18. Hi

    As i am a sports lover, I want to tell you something that why don’t you help and motivate pupil in sports who are want to go high. You already doing schools and colleges for showcasing their talents. So please make at least one program for sports, create awareness and help rural people to achieve.

  19. Hi this is Suresh Krishnasamy doing MBBS in FUJIAN MEDICAL UNIVERSITY CHINA,from Tamil Nadu,Salem. I was joined the university in last year October, I lost my passport in Shenzhen china on August 28 while travel in taxi,i was reported to Police station in Shenzhen international airport.I was applied to re issue new passport on September 7,2016 in Indian consultant Guangzhou China,i got my new passport on October 24 ,2016 .My old visa is expired in November 2 2016.My old passport number N1197416 and new passport number P7127843 ,and now i want to make renew my visa in china but my university and Fuzhou visa office refuse to to renew it .no one help me to solve this . Already i spent lot of money and i was take lot of leave to university now no one understand my situation PLEASE HELP ME TO SOLVE THIS

  20. Hi,

    Please read my awareness news in
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  21. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Please see my awareness news in
    both your email account and whatsapp
    number.It is very very important news.So
    please see and share that news to public.

  22. Namma indha jallikattu prachaniyodu nirkaamal, anniya kulirbanam, Jercy pasukkalai veliyetruthalilum poradavendum ilaingargale

  23. I have added Ur what’s app no. Bt. …….
    Ur last seen is June 21….
    Plz come to online .I would like to share one important pblm

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