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Rs. 251 Smartphone: Freedom 251 Distribution Started!

The much awaited “Freedom 251” smartphones have started its delivery to customer who have booked them earlier. It is said the company has started delivering phones from July 08.

Few months back, the company “Ringing Bells” has introduced the model of cheapest smartphone in the world. The company has also started its online booking from the customers. In between, the company stopped accepting new bookings as it got caught in tax evasion issues.

Now, Ringing Bells has announced, as the first phase, the first 5000 customers will start to receive mobile phones who had made their bookings both online and offline. Further, the company said, they are ready to export about 2,00,000 smartphones at the cost of Rs. 251 if Government helps them.

Freedom 251 Mobile Delivery Started

In addition, this company has introduced 32-inch LED television at the cost of rupees ten thousand only. This will be again a cheapest LED television in the market at the lowest price of Rs. 10,000.

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