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Safety Measure For Women By Touch Of a Button: Menakha Gandhi

The Union minister Menaka Gandhi has successfully pursued the mobile companies to introduce a Panic button in all the mobile phones for the easy alert of women in trouble to the police. The panic button will send alerts to the police in just a press of a button. The new plan in unison with the mobile manufactures will help to address the issues regarding women safety. The mobile manufacturers are working on the technology of the new feature and also the up gradation of the same. The feature will be made available from March month of next year.

The women and health minister said, ‘It took us quite a lot of meeting before we convinced the mobile companies to provide the panic button. It took nearly a year time’. The minister explained, ‘It takes only a press of a button if a woman feels she is not safe’.

Compulsory regulations will be issued regarding the introduction of panic button by the Department of Telecommunication. The new upcoming feature will be made available for both new and existing phones. The new phones will have the button in built and the existing phones can be upgraded at the committed centers.

Panic Button for Girls

Gandhi said that as high as 10,000 centers will be made available for upgrading.

Also there is plan for the launch of National Women Helpline Number that will be common across the country for addressing women safety issues. That will be a One-stop service centre for police, legal, medical and counseling assistance to women who are victims of violence.

The Government has also schemes for introducing community policing through the involvements of young educated girls in the villages. They will be used as a bridge between the police and women in the community and will help in the assistance in dealing of any kind of violence against women.

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