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Samsung is far ahead of Apple! iPhone 6S Vs Galaxy S7

We all have a thought that Apple company always tops in smartphone market all over the world. It make be true i one or the other way as Apple makes killer phones and it maintaining its unique standards for years.

Do you know that Samsung is far ahead of apple in one crucial way! Yes, Samsung beats Apple in the smartphone market and running miles ahead. Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S7 is doing pretty amazing things that  Apple iPhone 6S can’t do. R & D of Samsung is striving hard in its own to occupy the Apple’s top position all over the world.

Samsung Galaxy S7 can go underwater, charge wirelessly, add extra storage (via microSD). Design and specification of Galaxy S7 is neat and brilliant and much more, a “virtual reality machine.” Now Apple has to make a move in the world of virtual reality. Apple is currently working on it. We wait and watch what are the updates and the the new stunning features in the Apple’s next smartphone!

Samsung is far ahead of Apple! Galaxy S7 Vs iPhone 6S

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