Sasikala’s VIP Status is Taken Back

Deputy inspector General Ms. Roopa, a prison officer, wrote a letter to the DGP that VK Sasikala was given various special offers in the Parapana Agrahara jail, where she was detained. She also said that about Rs. 2 crore has been bribed up for this.

After the issue, video for the same also has been released by Ms. Roopa in which Sasikala is wearing an usual dress and going out for shopping with Ilavarasi and get into the prison with a handbag on her shoulders.

It is also been said that Sasikala is offered a TV with cable connection and also she is provided with exclusive food, which is prepared in a separate kitchen.

Karnataka Government transferred Roopa immediately to traffic department. As information about the issue was released in the media, it has been informed that some prisoner reported the information to the Roopa. It is also said that in this matter they have revealed there is a connection to the Agrahara prison supervisor.

In this case, 32 detainees are said to be severely attacked because they were intimidated against the prison superintendent. Moreover, all of them were transferred to different jails.

VIP Status of Sasikala in Jail

Now, the VIP status of Sasikala is taken back and now she should be like other prisoners in Parappana Agrahara Jail. She should eat the same food served to others. Still, she wears colorful dresses as she got special permission from jail chief superintendent Krishna Kumar. It is also informed that cable connection of TV from her barrack is also disconnected.

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