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Low Investment Business Ideas for Women

These top 5 low investment business ideas will help women to achieve their financial freedom. Maintaining the professional career of women even after the marriage is the biggest challenge for women in India. It’s mostly due to the family commitment. They have to take care of their household works, their kids and also their profession too. Certain circumstances may arise that they will be forced to leave their career to concentrate on their family. But women nowadays are smart that they are ready to start back their career again once their kids are grown up. But it will be favorable for them to work on their own flexible timing. If you are a woman who is determined to go forward in life, well then become an Entrepreneur. Start your own business. Be your own boss. This world is full of opportunities. One with an open eye and years can turn a simple thing into a promising business. Here we will suggest few business ideas that need very less investment and quite a lot of interests to make it bloom.

Easy & Low Investment Business Ideas for Women

Low Investment Business Ideas for Women

1. Door to Door Food Delivery Service:

You may be in a city or let it be a small town, there are lots of elderly people and bachelors who will be craving to get home made food every day. If you are an expert in cooking or a person who is interested in cooking, then it’s really a good shot. You need to be informative about targeting your customer. You can spread word through neighbors, relatives and friends. You can even use simple pamphlets to advertise yourself. Take an order at doorstep or through phone. Be customer friendly. Make timely delivery. Then you will be good to go once you get a set of customers as they will be giving regular order. Make sure that you charge them reasonably. All you need is a person to assist you in cooking and to deliver the food.

2. Custom-Made Gift Article:

Are you an expert in handworks like Quilling, Jewellery making, toy making, painting or even embroideries then make it your business. You don’t need to necessarily sell it to the shops. You first make some complimentary gifts for your neighbors, friends and family. Let them spread your work. If you are in city you can target big apartments to put a display through your friends or the association of that apartment. You can also make use of the stalls in the IT expo. You can also do the selling through social websites like facebook where you can attract customers easily through the display of your works. It’s a very simple way to turn your talent into money.

3. Freelancing:

If you are good in communication and you think you can write good articles, then you can do content writing for blogs and websites. If you are good in Adobe Photoshop, then you can try to design logos and visiting cards for companies or individuals as a freelancer.

4. Interior Designer:

If you are an architect or civil engineer, then you can do a course on Interior designing and make it as your own business. If you are able to come up with unique and promising ideas, you won’t find it difficult to lure customers to you. In this world of great communication that is certainly possible.

5. Chocolate Business:

If you are good in making confectioneries then you can take up chocolate business. Chocolates always have ever diminishing liking. You can make customized chocolates. If you are able to come up with new ideas like chocolate banquets then you will be a hit soon in the chocolate business. You can take orders from shops around your areas. All you have to do is take favor of the occasions like New Year, Christmas and Valentine’s Day and take orders for birthday party.

Hope you find all those opportunities mentioned above helpful to start your career. Pick any of these low investment business ideas to kick start your entrepreneurship.

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  1. Self business is always better than 9 to 5 job, it you take these ideas seriously then you can start your own business easily. One of the most easiest business is freelancing, if you are good in English and have some designing skills then you can make design websites as well as logos, is not it easy?

    Thanks for sharing this awesome with us..

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