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Top 10 Suggestions for Rajinikanth’s Political Party Name and Logo

The Rajnikanth,the name is enough to create a sensation in Indians’ heart. Currently the buzz word of media world is revolving around the rajinikanth’s political party name . Trolling pages are consistently prepared to troll his capability in any sphere of lives. As if he has the superman-power to do anything, anywhere and anytime. So when the South Indian superstar announced about his upcoming political party, craziness is obvious to know about rajinikanth’s political party name.

On 31st December, 2017 the South Indian superstar confirmed his debut in Indian politics. But he is still non-committal on the name of his proposed party. He declared that he would do his duty and it’s the time to change the system.

As per the superstar’s announcement his party will contest all 234 seats in the Tamil Nadu assembly elections which will be held in 2021. So it’s quite natural for you people to possess a curiosity about rajinikanth’s political party name.

A day after declaration of his political entrance, Rajnikanth launched a mobile app “RajiniMandram”. It’s now available in Google playstore. Along with a twitter account “@officialairrm”, a dedicated web page, www.Rajinimandram.Org is also there for the followers. Rajnikanth proposed to join him to be the part of a good change in Tamil Nadu.

 Rajinikanth’s political party name

Rajnikanth asserted in one of his sensational speeches that the first letter of the name of his political party will be “R”. It’s predicted that “R” signifies Runaway success. According to him, his politics will be beyond caste and religion but “spiritual”. So let us make some assumptions on  rajinikanth’s political party name


As he has called out to join him to change the system, it’s kinda revolution. Isn’t it? So, it’s just an assumption that rajinikanth’s political party name  should be “Revolution”.


Many Indian fans look up to Rajinikanth as God and assume that he has superpowers. We can assume that his political debut can regenerate Indian politics from the mire of corruption. So it’s just a guess- if rajinikanth’s political party name will be “Regeneration”.


We can have faith in Rajnikanth that he will help Indian politics to resurrect once again. So is the name “Resurrection”? Proper time will answer.


It may be the cause to restore political status of India. So “Restoration” can be the name.


We are well-accustomed about the revival of European art and literature under the influence of classical models. It is named “Renaissance”. His political journey can change the history of Indian politics. So “Renaissance” can be the name.


“Reincarnation” means “rebirth”.He proposed to change the system of political party, the rebirth of it. So it can be the name.

Rashtriya party

As the political party will represent as a national party later, rajinikanth’s political party name can be Rashtriya party.


As Rajnikanth said, think good and serve good. Good will happen to you. So rationally thinker can propose his political party’s name “Rationalist”.


“Regal” means royal. Rajnikanth’s entrance in Indian politics were resembled to royal entrance. It is believed that he has born to rule. So it can be the proposed name for his political party.

RashtriyaSanjivni Party

Hope he will be able to resurrect our Nation’s future. So, rajinikanth’s political party name can be “RashtriyaSanjivni Party”.


The assumed logo of Rajinikath’s political party is a “Baba Mudra” (well-known as “Apana Mudra”) emerging from a lotus against a blue backdrop encircled by a serpent in black. The mudra has significance in yoga and it features the ring and middle fingers held by the thumb even as the little and index fingers are in an upright position.

In Hindu spiritual tradition, the serpent is a symbol representing awakened consciousness through yogic pursuits. “Truthfulness, hardwork, growth” and “Think good, speak good, do good and only good will happen”, are the slogans featured on the letter head, app and web page. The 66 years-old actor has declared that this will be the guideline for his proposed party.

There is no idea what about “ rajinikanth’s political party name and logo”. It’s just a guess. Let’s wait for his next declaration about his political party.

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