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Top 12 Tamil Health and Beauty Tips of 2018

Women from Southern part of India have been always adored for their flawless skin and lustrous hair. The tamil health and beauty tips 2018 will reveal the mysteries of their beauty out to the world. This article  will try to present some useful ways to make yourself beautiful enough to make other jealous. All of us crave beauty and beauty flourish from good health. So we should think about it while discussing tamil health and beauty tips 2018.

The South Indian customs have always maintained the most natural methods of attaining their praising beauty. They emphasize on the ancient beauty and traditional ways of looking after their hair and skin. So, we must enlist this one on tamil health and beauty tips 2018.

No matter how you look and what your complexion is, your beauty glows from your good health. So a healthy lifestyle is must to shine your beauty. A good health is the sole key to unlock your beauty. So, today I am here with some tamil health and beauty tips 2018.

Using coconut

People from Southern part of India use a huge amount of coconut in their daily diet. They use coconut in their beauty regime too. Drinking coconut water gives them a naturally glowing face. Coconut contains high amount of fiber, vitamin, nutrients and minerals. They use coconut in several dishes of them and use coconut oil in cooking too. So the activities of the coconut in their boy remain constant. If you can’t have it in your food or as oil, you can have it as food. So the first priority of tamil health and beauty tips 2018 must be the coconut.


South Indian women are attracted for their voluptuous figure too. One of the mysteries of their biggest secrets behind their attractive figure and fitness is yoga. As you know yoga is a powerful medium of exercise. It increases your peace of mind and soothes your senses. Moderate sense leads you to a glowing face, calm mind and healthy body. Yoga is helpful in reducing wrinkles, premature aging signs, black marks etc.


Ayurvedic face packs are common ingredient in the beauty products from South India. Ayurveda is known for its many beneficial properties. One of them is it helps you to achieve healthy, glowing skin and clear complexion. It reduces the causing of skin-damages. So I will firmly recommend Ayurveda to be included in tamil health and beauty tips 2018.

Massage therapies

South Indian massage therapies are popular throughout our country, as well as abroad. The traditional South Indian massage causes many health benefits that work on your skin and hair. It even helps to clean your system. As we all know simply massaging with coconut oil helps to stimulate blood circulation and provides us a soft, glowing skin. So have a massage and have a glowing body.

Aromatherapy facial

You are definitely well-accustomed with facial. But do you know homemade facials are an essential for South Indian’s beauty-routine? Aromatic oils are used to clean, hydrate and glow the skin. These facials helps skin to glow from outside as well as provides antioxidants to your skin.

Beauty of eyes

The big and dark eyes of South Indian maids are praising. Isn’t it? Want to know the secret? They use Kohl to make their eyes attractive. Kohl is an ancient eye cosmetic which is made traditionally. It is said that they apply sesame oil on their lower feet to get bright beautiful eyes.

Disciplined lifestyle

A disciplined lifestyle helps to unlock the good health. Regular sleep for at least 6-8 hours per day, adopting good food- habits, quitting smoking and drinking are the secrets to keep you healthy and beautiful. It is the important point of tamil health and beauty tips 2018.

Hair Care

To increase the health of their hair, South Indian women follow a perfect routine. A regular coconut oil massage, washing hair with water regularly, using shampoo only twice a week- these methods enhances the inner strength of your hair. Try to choose mild and natural shampoo that includes brahmi and amla for your hair.

Drink enough water

Water helps not only to satisfy our thirst, but also to clean our body. So consuming enough water in daily basis is must. Have minimum 2litres per day. It will clean your system and help to get a glowing and radiant skin. So water must be in enlisted in tamil health and beauty tips 2018.

Home remedies for hair

Not satisfy with your hair? Is it dull and damaged? Here are some home remedies that enrich tamil health and beauty tips 2018. Your kitchen can give you the best remedies to provide needed protein to your hair. Applying curd is a great way to get thick, shiny hair. The second one is massaging lemon juice on your scalp. It clean dandruff or flakes and make your hair shiny.

Having fruits

Seasonal fruits are the common sources of vitamins and minerals that our body requires. Fruits contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, K, niacin, folate and pantothenic acid. Minerals like potassium, calcium and phosphorus are present in fruits. They contain antioxidants too. So having a fruit daily can lead you to possess a healthy and beautiful you.

Avoid too much sun

India is a country of hot weather. So it’s quite natural to face the heat of the sun while we are out of our house. So protect yourself from the ultra-violet rays of the sun. Use umbrella, sunrays-protected cream to avoid much sun-heat.

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