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Top 8 Tamil Health Tips Apps on Play Store with Maximum Downloads

Health is the ability of a biological system. Tamil health tips apps help you to maintain your overall health. This biological system gains, converts, distributes and utilize energy with maximum energy. Though the definition of health has evolved over time, the idea to keep up good health is a never-changing matter. Tamil health tips apps can be the remedy to help us in this matter.

If you are a health freak and always concerned about your good health. Then tamil health tips apps can be your remedy. Most of them possess good ranking in feedback of the users. Just download the preferred mobile application from the play store of your mobile after checking the star-counts. Check into the app and you can get some really good tips to maintain your health and physical fitness.

Generally you should have a diet chart following 8 tips. Starchy carbohydrates-based meal, having lots of fruit and vegetables, having more fish especially oily fish, cutting down fat and sugar, less salty food, not skipping breakfast and so on can help you to lead a healthy life ahead. Mobile applications can give you the healthy tips for you. You have to follow them to make your health better to the best.

There are several tamil health tips apps in the playstore of our android mobile. Let’s discuss about 8 of them here.

Health Tips in Tamil

Health Tips has already possessed 9.2 users’ ratings. It brings daily tips for a healthy lifestyle. Those tips are so valuable for your health. Notifications are triggered from the app when new health tips are posted. This app stores the tips offline too, so that you can check them anytime. This application is one of the best tamil health tips apps. It has a simple and effective interface to browse the tips easily. You can swipe the screen to left or right to browse through the tips of various categories after getting the tip details. You can:

  • Mark your favourite tips here
  • Filter and view only your favourite tips
  • Sort health tips by keywords too
  • Increase or decrease brightness
  • You can change font size
  • Change text colours
  • Change app theme colours
  • Clop and share
  • Find last read page
  • Search history too.


Another good mobile application among tamil health tips apps is Health + Tamil. It possesses 8.4 users’ ratings. Health tips in Tamil provide easy natural solution for all common health problems of the audience. This application contains many interesting tips wrapped with natural methods. There is no requirement of internet usage during the using of the application.

Tamil Health Tips

You can count it among the best tamil health tips apps for your mobile. This app provides the Health tips and home-made remedies for various diseases in Tamil font. All the Health tips are grouped in some categories, such as:

  • Home Medicine (Paatti Vaithiyam)
  • Siddha Medicine (Siddha Marutthuvam)
  • Food Habits
  • Health Interviews by various Experts

It also provides a notification every week to teach the viewers new home-made remedies.

Tamil Doctor

This is one of the good tamil health tips appscontaining 8.4 users’ ratings. This application provides collection of health information like First Aid Nattu Maruthuvam Paati Vaitthiyam Sidha Medicine Health Tips to the audience.

Tamil Community

Tamil Community is managed by Tamizhanda group. This app makes itself easier to connect with the idea of the audience. The idea can be about anything ranging from Tamil news to Health tips and so on. The topics are organized as categories within the Tamil app so that it becomes easier to be discovered by the audience.

Tamil Kuripugal

Another among tamil health tips apps is Tamil Kuripugal containing 8.2 users’ ratings. This app presents useful short and sweet Tamil tips. These tips are displayed on Tamil and are categorized into Divine, Health, Beauty, cooking, home remedies, Medical and housekeeping tips and so on. The best part is Tamil Kuripugal is stored offline. It is synced on the background; sp the viewers can read the Kuripugal even when they are offline.

Health Nutrition News Tips Tamil Nalam Nam Kaiyil

Nalam Nam Kaiyil Tamil app contains 9 users’ rating. This app provides several methods to improve health and beauty in natural methods. Viewers can stay healthy with up-to-date health articles and fitness tips. There are many health beauty articles under this mobile application. The app guides to maintain and improve the health of the viewers.

Nattu Maruthuvam health Tips Maruthuva Kurippugal

With 8 users’ ratings, this app is proved to be a useful app among tamil health tips apps. This application presents much useful information for natural remedies. You can get remedies for any problems about any diseases. Nattu Maruthuvam Tamil gives Health and precaution tips for all disease. It helps to improve our health as natural remedy is all-time best for our health.

These applications have made our life so easy. We can find any remedies for our problems in one touch. We can get any health tips, hair growth tips, hair loss remedy, sugar control tips and even cancer symptoms and precautions from these applications too. So the importance of these tamil health tips apps is undeniable.

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